Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OMG! ...and stuff

I'm drinking single variety cider from last year's bumper crop of John Downie... oh oh... it's good all right, bit young yet as I only racked it on Sunday...
There's 60 litres but will it get chance to mature..?
Good too is 'Beauty of Bolsover' - a lovely golden colour, no airlocks, no science, just lovely lovely cider!
All of a sudden cidermaking comes good!
On the downside 2010's batch no. ... er, can't remember... need to nip back to the garage ( might be tempted to top up with that JD!) - batch 16 (this was made with a good percentage of frozen apples) ... is a little watery. But no worries as I now have JD (topped up) to drown any sorrows...