Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Back on it..!

...and amazed that the old plywood scratter hasn't fallen to bits after all the years! Managed to get around 90% of the John Downies pressed - the juice has a lovely red glow... and so far got 60 litres off 1 tree with approx 2 tubs (scratted) left over need to get some more apples going now... making 1.045

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Progress on the Press

Since making the steel press frame with the steel dragged out of the hedge bottom in 2012, I'd made do with a wooden top beam in not getting around to finishing it properly... and in fact thought I hadn't got enough steel left over for a sliding top beam anyway...
But once I'd put the new clutch in the 4x4 Panda parked up in front of the garage I found I'd cut the steel ready and tucked it safely away underneath the car! I needed some big (free if possible) springs to complete the job.
Well, today I finally got round to tacking the bits together to trial the slide-fit beam. While the springs obtained would return the jack, I didn't think them strong enough to lift the weight of the 12t jack AND the beam...

First spring test then:

Trying to get some tacks to hold...

and in position, with springs mounted temporarily for testing

Snagging a little on right hand side

Friday, 27 November 2015

Drip drip...

Improving the tray set-up:

A washing machine drip tray offered an affordable solution - problem was the raised centre section and what to do with it..? If I left the press squash it, it would most likely crack... so:

 ...armed with some cash I paid my local Direct Plastics a call. I got some sheet for an infill...

 carefully cut base infill

...same again on top side

Hole carefully drilled

to take Vit C tube

being carefull it's a tight snug fit

and finished job

and in use with newly aquired plastic food tray bases (though I could only obtain 5 so still need plywood racks...)

So, a big improvement over the plywood tray and necessary with the bigger food tray bases as racks

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Work in Progress...

First Bag-in-Box trial filling using gravity feed - those Black and Decker drill stands are like gold on eBay! The simply-made 'tap grabber' works surprisingly well too, though took a few trials to get right.

Been using a stand to hold bag on a tray on scales directly under barrel prior to this which gives accurate fill weight. This, as yet, doesn't, and it's not easy to judge fill amount by eye - can be 100-200 ml out either way. Best solution will be a flow meter or less expensive mid-point holding tank with visible level indication.

Instead of using the pillar to swing from tap grab to fill, I've gone for a swivelling plate that holds both functions. Took a few trials to get both lined up over the tap gland. Trial here using water of course...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Good review...? or piss take..?

Ha ha, either way I like it:

Text received -
"This is the BEST cider to date. Full flavour. Good body. Crisp aftertaste on back of pallet, and a very Good colour (nearest you can get to a Good) urine sample. 9.5 out of 10.
Your official taster.

I think he likes it lol...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Route 66

Here we go again...


Sweet as you like...

10 litre Swan urn cost a fiver - base was cracked - an easy fix - will hold 1 x 3 litre or 5 litre bag. Bent mushroom tray trivet keeps bag off bottom - working well!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Aye aye...

It started with the refilling of a 'Christmad' wine box...

...and while this very basic tool worked with this wine box it wasn't up to fitting the tap the the ones supplied by Jigsaw Packaging... which are a much snugger fit... snugger and bugger... anyway not to be out done and to save on the expense of the 'correct' tool:

Out with the welder then - four knives from Tesco welded together and then to a pair of scissors from Wilko's (crap - 1st pair broke on 1st trial and 2nd pair broke in store...) Here with stronger handle then welded onto 1st pair... works okay, though needs positioning twice to get tap fully home (which may not be a good thing 'cos I haven't worked out how to get 'em out again yet. With the box in above video it's possible to prise out the old tap - not so with the Jigsaw type... oh, and as it 'appens, there's apples to be pressed after all...