Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Progress on the Press

Since making the steel press frame with the steel dragged out of the hedge bottom in 2012, I'd made do with a wooden top beam in not getting around to finishing it properly... and in fact thought I hadn't got enough steel left over for a sliding top beam anyway...
But once I'd put the new clutch in the 4x4 Panda parked up in front of the garage I found I'd cut the steel ready and tucked it safely away underneath the car! I needed some big (free if possible) springs to complete the job.
Well, today I finally got round to tacking the bits together to trial the slide-fit beam. While the springs obtained would return the jack, I didn't think them strong enough to lift the weight of the 12t jack AND the beam...

First spring test then:

Trying to get some tacks to hold...

and in position, with springs mounted temporarily for testing

Snagging a little on right hand side

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