Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Pressing Matter...

Well I've made a bigger press for this year's cider. Customer Jackie's had the builders in and they'd left some hefty bits of wood... and guess who's scrounged them (in return for a bottle or two... fair do's)
I did the first press on Sunday, and as there were a few creaks and cracks, I investigated to find the ex-fence post for the uprights had a large knot running through it on one side! Luckily it held together and allowed me to get my 1st 3 gallons of juice (and potential cider!)
So, I now have my 1st 30 litres of juice sitting in the kitchen. Hopefully fermentation will start within the next couple of days.
I'm hoping to post up more pics this year as time permits - though the bigger challenge will be to get all the apples I've gathered in so far pressed before they go rotten!

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