Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Someone once said to me: 'Why make cider when you can buy it from Tesco?' My response being, of course - 'You can't buy what I make at Tesco.' Or anywhere else for that matter. What he meant was - why go to all that trouble to make something that you can buy so easily.
Indeed this philosophy can be applied to anything - consider for a moment the humble mince pie - the 'deep filled' off the shelf epitomising, in this scenario, the worst of 'industrial cider' perhaps.
I relate this because I hear it over and over again - this year from someone who was going to make their own, but got scrattings/pulp on the kitchen wall and gave up. Last year it was a similar tale from someone who had bought a press (£100 no less...) and gave up because he couldn't get the apples to juice.
I hate the expression 'it's not rocket science' but, trust me, if I can make cider, ANYONE can. But it don't make itself!


Lec said...

Mick, you certainly cant buy what you make in Tesco! I sat down with my house mate last night to share a bottle of Batch No.13a. I'm pleased to report the contents of said bottle were swiftly dispatched and a sounds nights sleep followed. As long as you're making cider I'll never have to, which is a real treat although I may not thank you as I too start to lose my marbles under the sofa! Thanks for the tipple, I look forward to Batch No.10... will report back.

Oh and I suppose a 'cheers' would
be appropriate.

...so cheers!


lightweightmick said...

cheers - plenty more where that came from. I might set you on yet!