Friday, 8 February 2008

Local Cider Tasted Today!

One of my customer's lads has made cider for the 1st time. He attended a one day cider making course at Rufford last yr. His Mum just happened to have one handy in the fridge and would I like to try some? ...does a car need oil? I only tried a mouthful as I still had work to do. But what a sip! Bottle fermented, very crisp, fresh and dry... very very nice. Heady stuff too! Like champagne only better! Reminded me of Burrow Hill's Bottle Fermented Sparkling Dry though not as bone dry as theirs. He's bought the spring-steel closure type of bottles (like Grolsch lager bottles?) - this year though he's only made 8 galls. He's recently moved to Shirebrook - I'll try and track him down as where he's moved to has an orchard...

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