Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cider Head on today!

1st up, the odd 5 litres of single variety crab - 'Prince of Wales' - very different and very pleasant! - despite quite a bit of floating yeast crud - SG of 1012, which is a surprise as it's sat on the kitchen worktop (photo below) since early January - it's neighbour, the odd 3 litres from 17 (17a), is pretty yukky and dry as toast (well nearly at SG1.000) - used for topping up 17 as it came from that batch.
Then 17 itself - SG 1.010 - still active as fermentation will have been much slower in the much cooler motor caravan. Difficult to pump out with the Whale submersible, but switching it off and on, got it down to a liftable amount - the height of the worktop then aiding the pump with sufficient syphon effect - very lively but good taste and shows promise. As noted above 17a then used for top up instead of water.
Next in line are the two ex chip-fat containers 18a and b... these two have only lived in the motor caravan (had a small heater on in here during the very cold snap) - hmm, just wondering what they gonna taste like...

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