Monday, 25 June 2012


All batch 6 now bottled - labelled and ready for storage (good day yesterday - and time for a 12m run!). All I have to do now is find somewhere to put it... and batch 5... Very short on space, but where there's a will... does need somewhere relatively cool for bottle conditioned though (repeat after me...)
- just to add 30 litres makes around 8*6 pint bottles boxed (this is where 6* ex-wine boxes come in - The Australian wine boxes from Aldi are a favourite!)
as pic shows 12*pint boxes are handy too (better than the original contents - the box that is... bit like the nutritional value of corn flakes - more in the box..?)
Any boxes salvageable from last year's handy too - here the Magners, Strongbow and Stella boxes)

Current state of the kitchen:

...that Austin's box holds 12 of the 1st proper use of the Grolsch bottles - these are planned to be aimed at a sweeter style of cider (though these only have 4 grams of a sugar prime - 12 grams will be maximium -aimed at just one apple provider - either to be 'time limited' for consumption or to be pasteurised...)

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