Saturday, 25 June 2011

Is cidermaking fun..?

At the end of April I completed the 53m Sheffield Country Walk, spending the first night on Burbage Edge shivering in a bivvy bag, as it was a breezy starry night... next day, homeward bound, I was approaching Ecclesfield, when a guy gardening shouted out: 'Are you enjoying your day?' Every indication was that I would be 'enjoying my day' as the sun shone and the day was warm and balmy...
but I was somewhat irked at the enquiry - with around 12miles to go with blistered feet... just exactly how much was I enjoying my day..? Was I having fun?
Well, like cidermaking, the fun comes at the end dunnit? As an enthusiastic amateur that 555 litres is taking some sorting, but the end is in site - just like the Norman arch of the West door at Eckington church, start and finish of the walk - just keep going son...

Did pass this Community Orchard though:

which has to be a good thing... dunnit?

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