Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We can work it out...

...or can we?
Back to 'Craft Cider Making' we learn to add 10gms per litre (or that 'flat teaspoon' per pint)
Work that one out - clearly my teaspoon just isn't big enough...
It should be bourne in mind that we are not after cascades of bubbles - no gushing - no disturbing of sediment. Just a gentle 'psst' and those lovely Co2 bubbles gently rising and adding a little zest to the conditioned cider.
Seems the Whitworth cubes (at 3g) could be on the small side though, but these could be saved for batches with a slightly higher SG - say 1.003.
Batch 10 was all bottled on Sunday with an SG of 1.001 adding a single 4g SilverSpoon sugar cube (slightly less as a little is lost in the act of halving it)
It should be noted that the Whitworth cubes do tend to dissolve more quickly than the Silver Spoon - though after capping a quick inversion and swirl does the trick, again checking at labelling time to make sure all is dissolved.

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