Friday, 17 September 2010

1st pressing this weekend...

Well I've followed the sharps with 30lbs of crabs - mainly bitter sweets - and same of sweet, so 90lbs is scratted ready for pulping. Still doing mine the Jo Deal* way (blending the apples) as it's more convenient for the smaller producer. If I keep coming home with lettuce trays of different varieties I can plan ahead...
I've scrubbed down all the press boards - just 12mm exterior ply - ready. Though this set-up can be problematic if I try and make too big a stack 'cheesewise' - on applying pressure with the jack the stack can begin to skew. This slows the whole process. I could do with adding a square (as in true) top plate to keep the whole stack of cheeses parallel to each other. Ideally I would like to get 6 gals in one pressing, but 3 seems to be the most my set-up can handle at present. My general rule of thumb seems to be: scrounge it or buy it cheaply, which, of course rules out anything with a hint of professionalism to it... ie. a shark mill or proper cider press!
Which brings me to: New press cloths cut tonight - curtain lining (most likely poly cotton) - free offcuts from local curtain maker.

*still in print: here though the cover is different on mine, but I did buy it in the 70's!!

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