Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It's that time of year again!

As the car is running okay this year... shhh... I've been getting apples together. Having condensed up the rubbish in the garage (and I have been to the tip a few times!) I now have space to set up the scratter and press. This very night has seen me scrat 30lbs of sharps (when you get a handful of the well-chopped-up stuff and squeeze and it stings round your cuticles you know it's sharp enough!) The 'lightweightmick' scratter is a big improvement over cutting and pulping of earlier years, though it does tend to whip some big bits through about the size of scallops. If I had a good enough press I could press the scratted apples as they are but to get a good porridge consistency they still need to be run through the pulper first.
Hopefully this year I'll have more time to put some cider making videos together.

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