Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Under way!

Batch 1 has started fermenting - could well have started yesterday, but realised something was amiss this morning - the sealing ring was missing (it'll be in the bottom - the sealing ring has a habit of falling out at the last minute...) Fitted another sealing ring and she's away. This is all-natural fermentation - no sulphites, no added yeast - just nature doing it's thing!
Rather different - the 3 litres of 'turbo' cider is now racked... though it doesn't taste of anything, lol! No surprise really as it's just from cheap apple juice (...with added yeast of course)
30lbs of sharp apples prepared this morning towards batch 2... just a matter of sticking with the repetition now - collect, sort, prepare, scrat, pulp & press - good to know that I've got tree-loads to go at too... something of a race really what with the dark nights approaching - tend to get odd looks collecting up a ladder on head torch...

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