Tuesday, 19 July 2011

'Another fine mesh you got me into...'

With safety in mind, one idea to enclose the hot extra-pressurised bottles was to use some extra fine stainless steel mesh (well expensive!), either to cover the whole cage or individual bottles, but as it's probably not necessary to lay the bottles (or the cage) on their/it's side after all (this was with a view to sterilising the airspace above the cider) the thinking is that a wet towel draped over the top will probably be sufficient (provided that the bottles aren't under too much pressure ie.condition to begin with), or if time permits, just leave them in situ until cool enough to move...
The cage is now complete apart from a couple of handles and has developed strength through all the tie-wraps used. Of course only time will tell how these will hold up under use, but 65 degrees is not that hot... (though enough to affect that in-bottle pressure of course it has to be remembered)

The pasteurised batch 12 was well received with tonight's pork chop dinner too!

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