Monday, 18 July 2011

Cage Fight'n!

...well not so much fighting - more fiddlin'
I found out some candle dipping frames last night (as they fit into the Burco). These are some bits of equipment I made some years back for making dipped candles - you thread your wick round the upper and lower frame and start dipping the assembly in molten wax the layers build up and presto you get candles. One of these frames is strong enough as a base (we hope) to take the weight of 13 full bottles being made of 2" sq x 1/8" galvanized wire. So far so good, but how to keep the bottles apart..?
The answer was staring me in the face some 1/2" garden netting - the strong thick stuff. Nipping it to size with a)scissors and b)wire strippers... How to hold it all together..? Cable ties of course... hence the fiddliness.
It's been relatively easy to create a raised area for the test bottle too - just put a false floor in that particular compartment.

The base:

this should be strong enough to lower the full bottles into already hot water and remove at required temperature as recorded in test bottle (since realised it's too high in these pics...)

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