Friday, 22 July 2011

"Gerrit bi 'andle lad..."

I did try some divers line tied to the base, but it's 'slippery' and I didn't trust my knots... so:

the cage with 13 full bottles weighs in at 11.8 kilos (26lbs) and the plastic mesh doubled over is amply strong enough, though I've added a 4x wide strip down the opposing side to where the main overlap to help spread out the load bearing (belt and braces..?)

This makes the whole affair easy to lift in and out. As the neck of the bottle is probably going to be the most volatile part of the bottle, the plan is to remove the lid and throw over a thick wet blanket affair. Should the worst happen then, this would surely absorb any impact from any upwardly mobile projectiles when removing the cage from the tank.
This assuming that at pasteurisation temperature the whole thing don't melt...
(though I can test this out beforehand... hang on...)
Just tested a piece in the kettle. At over 80 degrees (C) it does become slightly more flexible - but this is over a smaller area... be interesting to see if the whole thing falls to bits lol...
It may be better to get hold of some steel plastic-covered strainer wire and affix to the bottom of the cage thus not rely so heavily on the integrity of the plastic mesh...

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