Wednesday, 20 July 2011

'Tha's got newht to come...'

At the pit head, as wives queued on pay day at the wages office, it is documented that if a miner had been off sick or not completed his full quota of shifts, his family would receive no money and be greeted with the above... little comfort with kids to feed...

The Derbyshire dialect makes the spelling of 'nothing' [as in 'nowt' (Yorkshire dialect)] sound more like newt, but not as in newt ie. small lizard, but as in 'kewd' with that Lancashire 'cow' enunciation, expressed as 'ewd on ewd lad' (Hold on old lad)
But there is no actual way of spelling this and getting it into 'black and white'...
Having written a whole novel trying to emulate the Derbyshire dialect and trying to sift out various 'over the border accents' (ie Yorks, Notts and Lincs) I find the subject fascinating if a little 'off topic'!

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