Saturday, 29 September 2012

trying again

...tame experts have 'wised up'. There are techies and slow learners...

via You Tube - embedding shouldn't be a problem - I was hoping to save time
Laugh out loud indeed.
so then You Tube tell me it's shaky and are fixing that for me...

'We've fixed the shakiness in your video' Do I want to keep it? YOU BET:

...just look at those medieval stone arches... such an idyllic scene...
I'm on it.

you'd think it would come up with: 'Hey, your video is shit - it doesn't work for a start.'
- perhaps, 'It's a bit shaky but this is the  least of your worries...'
or maybe just plain old: 'Wrong format'
thing is, it's not, it's MPEG4.
Maybe I need to dance around a few standing stones for a bit...

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