Friday, 28 September 2012

What's going on..?

Turned out the press cloths were in a pillow case in the airing cupboard... confusingly 3 were in the garage in a bag. This was down to a last small 5 litre pressing of that single variety (which turned out very nice...) But it's better to have a well organised tidy up at the year end, so everything is to hand when you need it... however that, generally speaking, has not been the story of my life so far...
I managed to hump the new steel press into the garage on Sunday, which was a tight fit through the doorway as when I measured the height I forgot to account for the 1" of the bottom of the steel door frame... doh.
Looking like I've been hit by a bus at present as I've had an outbreak of shingles. A first for me, and it makes you feel a bit out of sorts, however a late pressing last night produced Batch 1 which has made 1.050 - (1st batch last year made 1.051), so all's coming together.
I've had to make a temporay top sliding beam to support the jack for now and the 1st press proved a little disappointing yield-wise. For 45kg (99lbs) of pulp I could do with a few more press cloths and it took all this to fill the 30 litre fermenter and the pulp didn't come out like compressed cardboard and was quite moist. With the old wooden press I could tilt it to encourage juice run-off, but the steel thing's going nowhere!
I got some videos which I managed to get from phone to laptop via 'Zune'...(?) but for the life of me can't work out how to get them from there to the blog... all good fun...

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