Monday, 15 October 2012

"Where did you get that hat..?"

... Aldi - £2.99. Is it a nobby one and just the proper style? No, not really... Thing is, it's getting a bit nippy out there and I get this curious earache and couldn't find not one of many... So, any roadup, now it's getting a bit cooler the trays of apples will need less sorting, particularly the windfalls.

For most of his life my father worked at a local old people's home (that's what they were called back then... well the residents were old people...) - originally he was the gardener - long story short, one day he turned up with an old gramaphone and a stack of 78's from one ot the residents - among which were some Stanley Holloway records. I'd be around ten years of age and took great delight in winding up the gramaphone and listening to the old scratchy recordings. Here's the one I had in mind with the title:

not forgetting:

' "Nay, nay, Geordy love, shut thy face!" said the Queen...'

very subtle, lol

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