Wednesday, 17 November 2010

And then some...

So this evening has seen batch 2 racked. The Young's taps have a nicer feel to them so I swapped the tap first... and the sterilising takes ages, but batch 2 came through a lot clearer for tie wrapping the Whale pump to a stick. This is from the Pooley and Lomax suggestion of using a cane for the racking tube. I've never done this before (as it's more to sterilise innit...) but it's well worth it - a solid tube would be good - I should get my thinking cap on... anyway with more control over the pump (though I could do with an inline switch while I'm at it... doh...) there's less panic when you get near the bottom and I hardly drew any lees in - very clear - in fact could be too clear if I wanted to ferment it further...

Donor and recipient on floor - a pump saves a dead lift of 30kgs! (good news for my ageing back that was complaining after collecting the 4 sacks of apples earlier...)

the submersible pump 'strapped' to a plywood stick gives better control:

Yeast and remaining lees in the freed-up container:

Home made plywood spanner fits both the Youngs cap and HB cask cap (only just on the HB though and needs improving as the handle lugs get in the way...):

Degustation time!!

Beautifully clear, a little more acidic than no.1, but again a very promising cider nouveau - certainly puts the 'turbo cider in it's place, lol...

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