Monday, 1 November 2010

'Pickled Pig...'

A weekend away is always a good chance to try out other ciders. Cambridge area offers the above made at Stretham (from local apples) - 2.5 litres a tenner (Porker's Snout) from Griffins, 3 Cups Walk, Ely. Then a couple of bottles of Cromwell's from Oliver Cromwell's Tourist Info shop - not tried the dry (Oliver's Last Gasp) yet though.
'Origin8' in Cambridge have gone (now a Pizza place) and so the chance was missed to get hold of some Cassells as the other outlets (both Bachanalia) were closed on the Sunday. The lady in Threshers did point to their own Breton cider...
Chain owned Cafe Rouge had a rather pleasant Breton Cidre on the menu, which left a little cloudiness in the bottle though not enough, I decided, for it to be bottle conditioned.
Better get that press mended...

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