Saturday, 3 November 2012

Back to Ampleforth

 Back to Tom who's running the shop until sufficient apples come in for another pressing as they've pressed all of their own this year. More cider purchased including a litre of the cloudy stuff.
Lastingham was well worth the visit - quick lunch up by the Lion Inn (I'd forgot to put kettle in Panda, so no cuppa... plenty of gas for the little portable stove, got water mugs tea bags, but no kettle or anything else to heat water in...) then off for quick recce of where the Lyke Wake Walk meets the road near Fat Betty - as another Coast to Coast attempt could be on for next year... (this time using the LWW as a more direct route over the moors)

Next up the remains of the tower and steps at Rosedale Abbey, which is all that remains of the Priory,

before doubling back to Cropton to learn the sad news...

Still, plenty of cider to chose from tonight!

In the end though, settled on a pint my own - this is 2010 batch 18:

(...and enjoying a glass of cider in the van in the evening reminds me why I began bottling it...)


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