Thursday, 8 November 2012

What did you do?

I'll tell you what I did... (can't believe it really...)
As I've been given a bigger jack for the press, and as it wouldn't fit on top of the cheese/cheeses, I've drilled holes for the bottom 'carrier' 4" lower than the existing... all well and good..?
Well it would be if I'd marked out nice and square... Don't know whether I've marked out wrong, or popped 'em (centre punched) wrong but they ain't square - one angles slightly up and the other down... so under pressure will have the effect of twisting the bottom carrier.
right bollocksing pigs ear... so now all I can do is revert to some tweaking with a file... too disheartened to do any pics yet. Steel is so unforgiving and the hardest part is marking out, especially as I've only got a shit square, rusty pitted steel and no scribe... (and certainly no engineers blue!)
What's the saying about a poor workman and his tools..?

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