Monday, 19 November 2012

Last big push..?

Being ahead of schedule (sounds like work dunnit?) and having pulped the apples for batch 14 yesterday (Sunday) morning I had the afternoon for a sortie - heading back for the newly 'found' trees.
It would be a long and tedious post to list all ports of call, but it's still worth parting the fallen leaves. The birds are turning to the fruit now as part of their seasonal diet and I always try and leave some for them - a kind of unwritten Country Code - 'fasten all gates' ...and leave some for the birds...
Long story short then I returned with 99.4 kilos from, ooo, lets see... [counts] eleven trees - so it's getting thinner. All up I got enough fruit for 750 litres and about run out of space... thing is, where the hell am I going to store it all..?
14 pressed last night made - you guessed: 1.050 - beginning to wonder if my hydrometer's sticking...

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