Friday, 7 December 2012

'Them's good apples Pip me boy..'

...and that's what I thought yesterday. I'd already enquired after these (Golden Deli's), and so, over a month on, they were all over the lawn as I thought they might be... the customer had said he might want them, and the customer is always right... There were a few Bramley's as well... not that I need any, but then in the corner over there..? a small tree full of clingy reds - Spartan maybe... dunno but they all went in, making around 18 kilos in all. I left the ones the birds had started and a few more as well - there's a good few calories to help keep 'em going - Blackbirds skittering away in their alarmed fashion as they do...
Another pressing tonight... is that 600 litres now..? Losing count

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