Saturday, 16 October 2010

5 Scratted

The home made scratter taken apart ready for washing:

showing the main body:

The Wilkinson beech rolling pin is wearing well!

Very handy and portable for cleaning:

In it's 3rd year now - made from plywood and wood offcuts, and bits from Wilkinsons: beech rolling pin, 2 tap wrenchs for a shaft (roughed up with grinder and epoxied into drilled-out rolling pin) with 2 x 15mm compression straight connectors with a bit of copper pipe in each for bearings. Electric drill powered but a pulley could easily be added and the tap wrench did accept a bike crank as a handle before I ground the end off...
Mine doesn't quite spin true (one single shaft would have been better - bucket shops sell a longer tap wrench though that fits the inside dia of pipe well, but I'd already made mine before discovering this...). Cost about £15 all in, including the stainless screws (1" 10's as I remember)
This is the mk 1 version - very low tech but very effective - takes about 45 mins to scrat around 90lbs of apples (fills three 25 litre tubs). Still need to be pulped afterwards though...

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