Sunday, 17 October 2010


Just sat down... 5th 30 litres now in fermenter (batch 5) and racked 1st batch - tasted good though a bit sharp. Need to get a plug/socket sorted for the whale submersible pump as it took ages with a racking tube... Racked about a third before it was light enough to lift onto the work surface. Too risky to get it high enough straight off... it's getting that last foot of lift that's the tricky bit. Need a bigger bore tube as well...

Pulping earlier:

Difference between scratted:

...and pulped:

Pulper is basically a 'Pulpmaster' with hole cut in top:

set in plastic Ikea waste basket

...with blade altered thus:

Rotating blade forces pulp through slot in bottom when small enough:

Three tubs of apples reduce to almost two of pulp:

Washing press cloths: (not with that Gel in bottom RH corner though!! - just rinsed out after being stood in mild bleach solution)

...and wrung out ready to use:

to make cheeses

for loading the press:

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