Monday, 4 October 2010

Batch 3..?

Er, not quite... scratted on Friday - not pulped till Sunday. Then started on a new base plate in an effort to up production. Sadly the shop where I get my ply offcuts is closing down and I could only get 3/4" ply for the larger pressing boards. Enough sheet to get 3 out and curtain lining offcuts to get 4 larger 3'x3' press cloths. Got these soaking to get out the 'newness'...
I'm hoping to get enough to fill a 30litre bin from one pressing. A stack of 12 'cheeses' 15"x15"x.75" should just about do it, but I need more ply offs for the extra larger pressing boards now... Hard to say whether the actual press will be big enough to cope with 12 thicker boards until I actually give it a go.

Progression of base plates:

Note the 1st 2 have a channel for the juice, whereas the latest effort has a hole and tube (Tesco Vit C container...) which is a tight push fit.

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