Sunday, 19 December 2010

Scratter Assembly

As all the Batch18 apples are now prepared (54lbs sweet, 30lbs sharp and 36lbs bitter sweet for those last 2*20 litres - got the 2 containers 'sweet' in the end with a caustic solution) ready for scratting (milling), I thought it might be of interest to include some pics of the very effective but cheaply-made scratter.

Back plate slotted in position:

A thin ply spacer fits on top - (push fit)

(note scuffs from screw heads)

then front plate slides into...


followed by the feed plate:


and 'hopper' (only shaped thus by using up scraps of 12mm ply... but does allow access for a 'paddle' to encourage bigger apples through)

Ready for drill attachment:

Note arm prevents drill from acting counter clockwise:

Note direction of drill set to rotate away from feed plate:

and in use:

after scratting 90lbs apples - feed plate slid back, showing tendency to clog (though didn't on this occasion)

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